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Is Your Thinking “OUT OF ORDER”?

◄The Simple Guide To Mastering Your Mind 
◄Stop All Your Negative, Wrong & Bad Thinking
◄How To Use ANOTHER 70 – 80% Of Your Mind Power  
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By Cheryl J Savage
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About The Author
Cheryl J Savage, Certified Hypnotherapist since 1991, a/k/a C.J. Savage, “The Hypnosis Queen”,  Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, author, Certified Life Coach, past Mental Health Specialist. C.J. Savage was employed as a Mental Health Specialist by the State of Illinois for the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (DMHDD). She continued her education at Sangamon State University working towards her master’s in clinical psychology when she decided to enroll in classes for hypnotherapy,  A graduate of the Hypnodyne Foundation of Clearwater, FL, was certified in Hypnotherapy October 1991 by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) after studying under Steven LaVelle and remains a member of IACT.   C.J.  studied and graduated from advanced hypnotherapy in New York in 1992, while taking some time off from work at DMHDD and later resigned in '93  from the State of IL, to open her own hypnosis clinics.

Ordained Minister since April 1997 through the Ministers For Christ Assembly of Churches as a Minister of the Full Gospel of Jesus Christ originally as Cheryl J Mathews and now Cheryl J Savage (divorced & took back her name as Savage).

Now travels nearly anywhere, offering her expertise hypnotizing groups for companies, colleges, organizations, etc., with exceptional success, specializing in weight loss, stop smoking, healing of health problems, including cancer, depression, etc. while people become happier and healthier, transforming their mental, emotional and physical health for the better, living life more abundantly. She continues to study the power of the mind and teaches others how to utilize the mind and the energies in the world for their benefit. Teaching others the power of the mind and how to use it to have, be and do whatever it is you really want.

C.J. Savage has started a new research program in 2011 for those with cancer to heal their cancer through the power of their mind, using hypnosis.  If you or someone you know may be interested in joining this new research group to heal their cancer, please contact C.J. Savage or staff by calling or emailing through the contact information here.

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Acknowledgments                                                                                 5

Introduction                                                                                            6

  1) What is the mind?                                                                            8

            Your physical consciousness and your super-consciousness

            Everything in this world is energy and everything is connected

            We are all spiritual beings


  2)  How To Get Control Of Your Thoughts, Your Mind                  17      

            You are co-creator of your life

            Stop All the bad, wrong and negative thinking


  3) How Your Mind Effects Your Body and Health                            19
            Negative vs. positive thoughts and emotions
            How your thoughts affect your feelings and mood

  4) How to Change Your Life By Changing Your Thinking              26      
            Abundance vs. Lack

  5) Releasing Negative Energy From Your Body, Soul & Mind     29
            Letting go, healing, getting your peace of mind back

  6) 9 Simple Exercises to Practice Daily to Improve  Every Area of
      Your Life                                                                                        33
            Wear the rubber band
            Being Grateful 
            Meditation: How to meditate and its importance
            Setting Goals: Importance & How to Set
            Decide to be Happy
  7) Harness The Hidden Laws of The Universe                            48
           Master These 8 and The Rest Will Come Naturally
            I. Law of Attraction
                   How To Work With The Law Of Attraction
           II. Law of Belief
          III. Law of Vibration
          IV. Law of Gratitude
          V. Law of Love
          VI. Law of Allowing
        VII. Law of Forgiveness
       VIII. Law of Cause and Effect (Karma)

8)       Healing Yourself With Your Mind                  54

        Utilizing Your Energy Within
        Cancer Can’t Be Cured Unless You Do This


I wish to express my gratitude and acknowledge the following people who have helped me make this book possible:

First, I’d like to thank my family and close friends for their patience, love and support throughout the process of bringing this book together.

My uncle, Jim Rutherford who taught me more than he ever realized while
he told his stories of his boss, moonlighting as a hypnotherapist and the
power of the mind.

Greta Alexander, may she rest in peace, love and harmony with her Father on the other side, a true friend, an earth angel to many and whom I shared an office with in the 90’s only to learn more about life than most people ever learn in a lifetime. I cherish all the knowledge and spiritual insight I gained from her. Greta was gifted as a professional para-psychic with God’s true gift of finding the missing children and she did!

All my clients that have come to me for help in the past 20 years for health problems, excluding none, have proved to me by simply practicing their hypnosis, daily, have healed themselves, completely and naturally, no matter what it was, diseases of all kinds, cancer, injuries, and all kinds of illnesses, in days to weeks, found themselves free, clear, and healed of their health problems miraculously. I truly appreciate every one of my clients.
They have proven to me anyone can heal themselves of anything when they try because they want to. They have taught me.

                                                                     Cheryl J. Savage


         Most people don’t really understand their own mind, what it is or how it works. However, most people agree the mind is very powerful as we’ve all heard or witnessed at one time or another something incredibly powerful the mind has done or accomplished. A good example is the 67 year old woman that lifted her 2,000 lb car off her grandchild. Most people will believe these kinds of stories because they are witnessed and true but they don’t really understand how that is possible so it must be a miracle. However, nearly everyone will admit they know the mind is incredibly powerful and is capable of doing extraordinary things. Knowing the mind can be so very powerful, the biggest question or wonder of the mind is  how do you get it going, make it work like you want or kick it into gear? First you have to get your mind in the proper working order, fine tune it so to speak and get control of the  thoughts you think. Until, you get control of your thoughts, you are living by default and your thinking is ‘out of order’.  

     When the student is ready, the master will appear. What you seek also seeks you. Since you are reading this book, you are looking for something more to help you to evolve in this life. You are about to take the next step in your journey to discover your own mind and capture the power within.
     It is my hope that by reading this book, applying what you learn and following the exercises in this book, you will have a better understanding of your mind, be able to control your mind, use much more of your mind power and live life much more abundantly, becoming happier and healthier, improving every area of your life. You should be able to heal your health problems and prevent health problems from occurring. Every area of your life will improve dramatically by reading and following this book.

     It was once said the average person uses less than 10% of their mind power? Modern day statistics report the average person uses more like 2 - 4% of their mind power. Would you like to access another 70 – 90% of your mind power? Getting your mind in the proper working order and getting control of your mind is much easier than you think. Anyone can apply a few simple strategies and incorporate a couple of exercises to their daily routine if they want to and make huge changes in their lives. All you have to do is simply try and it will work even if you don’t think it will.

     The average person is letting just anything and everything come into their mind, flooding their mind with bad, wrong and negative thoughts, recapping past negative events, remembering negative things people said or did that hurt them, worrying over things that may never happen, fearing the worst, that will never come to be, imagining only the worst and believing how bad it is or was, that was or will never be true and spend their precious social time gossiping about others and even adding to the gossip when they know it’s not true. Does that sound familiar to you? If so, your thinking is “Out of Order”.  Not sure? How’s your health? Finances in good order? Relationships good, strong and stable with family and friends?  Are you happy? Feel close and strongly connected to God or a higher power? Sleep and rest well at night? You can honestly say you don’t smoke, use drugs or drink to get through life or get to sleep? If you can’t answer yes, right, good or positive to these questions, then your thinking is most likely out of order. When you simply stop all the negative, bad and wrong thoughts from coming in, your life will improve dramatically and you can get control of your mind. How do you do this? One simple honest exercise you can do will change all this. By consciously and intentionally working on your mind with the exercises I give you to practice will give you the ability to gain control over your mind, get it in order, capture that higher power within and do the incredible things you want and need to do.

     I believe using the mind to heal is one of the easiest things your mind can do when you simply try if it’s something you really want to do. When you get control of your mind, you can start to achieve great things with your mind and through your mind. One of my favorite stories is about the time I recently fell out of a tree head first, shattering the bones in my arm. Using only my hypnosis for the first 9 days, I aligned the bones and was almost healed, except for one severe break in the wrist still showed some evidence of not being completely healed as x-rays showed but was healed by the 12th day.
     All the wrong, bad and negative thoughts you let in, create your feelings, which create your emotions which affect every area of your life, making a dramatic impact on everything you have, do or are. Your health is a direct result of the thoughts you think. Every thought you think affects every cell of your being, whether you think so or not. In most cases, health problems are nothing more than the result of ones thinking.

     Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve, every time, good or bad, right or wrong. You can get control of the thoughts you think, what you believe and change every area of your life for the better. It is easier than you think!   ;-)
   Disclaimer: The information, concepts and tools shared here are not  intended to diagnose or treat illnesses, diseases or conditions. It is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional or physician. We do not make any medical diagnosis or claims and are not a substitute for doctor's care. As a hypnotherapist and minister, I feel it is my responsibility to provide you with the information, tools and skills you can use in your life so you can live according to your destiny, living life more abundantly as you embark on your spiritual journey within to master your mind, creating the life you want and healing yourself with the power of your own mind.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

What is the Mind?

     The mind is quite complicated and yet very simple to understand at the same time. Many people think the brain and mind are really one and the same but they’re not. The brain is a physical organ in the head. The mind is non-physical and cannot be seen or touched. The mind is the spiritual part of you, is pure energy and is in every cell of your being, (physical body). In every cell of your being, has its own intelligence. The mind won’t normally work without the brain and the brain won’t function properly without the mind. A good analogy would be the mind is to the brain as software is to a computer. The brain is the hard drive and the mind is the software (the programs that run) If there is damage to the computer, the software is going to have problems. The mind is pure energy and is immortal which leaves and returns home, to God when the physical body dies. Home is where you came from, with your heavenly Father, on another plane (like a level in life) in this universe, called Heaven. Heaven is all around you right now but you can’t see it through your physical eyes because the vibrational frequency of that energy is too high for your physical eyes to see. The higher consciousness, your super-conscious mind is able to see it through your third eye or spiritual eyes. This can happen when you are in a very relaxed state, like a dream like state, only you’re very aware, as when you are in an altered state of mind, like a light trance to a deep trance. Let me make something very clear here before you get confused on the terminology. The “sub-conscious” mind is a more out dated term but still commonly used by many people because it is a more familiar term from the past. I use other terminology intermittently throughout this book with more modern terms such as “higher consciousness”, “super consciousness” or “higher self” instead of sub-conscious mind but they are all one and the same.

     What is the mind? By definition, according to Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, the  1 mind is 1) recollection of memory 2)  a: the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and esp.  reasons b: the conscious events and capabilities in an organism 3 : intension, desire 4: the normal or healthy condition of mental faculties 5 : Opinion view 6: Disposition, mood 7: a person  4 a : to become aware of : NOTICE  b chiefly or group embodying mental qualities <the public> b: intellectual ability 8 cap. Christian Science: 2GOD  9: a conscious substratum or factor in the universe;  2 mind is vt 1 chiefly dial: REMIND 2 chiefly dial: remember 3 :to attend to closely 4 a : to become aware of : NOTICE b chiefly dial: INTEND, PURPOSE 5 a : to give heed to b : OBEY 6 a :to be concerned about b :DISLIKE 7 a : to  be careful: SEE (~you take charge of :TEND ~vi 1: to be attentive or wary 2 : to become concerned: CARE 3 : to pay heed: esp: OBEY

     Webster wasn’t very spiritual here and it seems to have had a pretty difficult time trying to define the meaning of the mind. It’s not a simple definition by any means either. Basically, you came here to this world in spirit only as a spiritual being, as pure energy. You entered into and fulfilled a human body in a baby that was some where between 5 months of conception and a newborn.  This spiritual part of you, your spirit which is pure energy fills every single cell of your human body which is your mind. This mind is the spiritual part of you and is also a part of God. We are all very connected to God. God is everywhere and in everything. There is one power that runs through and into everything here in this world if not the Universe. Call this one power whatever you like, but there is still only one power. Scientists call it Source or Source Energy. Christians call it God. Some call it the Universal Light of Life’s Energy. This energy is God and we are all a part of it and God is everywhere and in everything and is in us. New Western Modern Scientists say it is an ocean of energy that flows into and through everything here in our world that responds to our emotions. This energy, is God, is directly connected to all of us, is in all of us, is a part of us and we are a part of God. God is everywhere and in everything. This is an energy that is unseen but can actually be measured by today’s modern technology as vibrational frequency. This vibrational frequency is on a scale of 20 – 700. 20 being just above death, in a state of depression, shame, guilt, grieving, fear to 150 anger, courage 200, acceptance 350, reason 400, love 500, joy 540,  peace 600 and enlightenment 700. This is contracted consciousness to ultimate consciousness. There is a book written by Dr. David Hawkins called Power vs. Force which has calibrated energy and emotions on a scale of consciousness with an illustration of what I’ve just explained and it’s well worth reading. Christie Marie Sheldon designed an entire course on raising your vibrational frequency and getting your mind functioning on a higher frequency called Love or Above and I would highly recommend it.  

     Again, God (or Source if you prefer) is in us, a part of us and we are all connected. The spiritual part of you, is your mind and is a part of God, not separate from God. God is not some invisible man way up there in the sky but is in us and everything and runs through us and everything, like an ocean of energy that flows through and into us and is a part of us. A good analogy here, is in the beginning of time, many raindrops fell to make the ocean. All these droplets of rain made up this large body of water we call the ocean. One droplet can’t say to another, ‘I’m not a part of the ocean, I just fell here by myself and am separate from the rest of this water in this ocean’. You can take a cup of water out of the ocean but it is still a part of the ocean and is still ocean water. We are all a spirit that is a part of God and God is in us and works through all of us. This spiritual part of us is our mind and fills our bodies and is in every cell of our body. In every cell of our body, has its own intelligence. This intelligence in every cell of our being responds to everything it hears, feels and thinks, with no exception. Those that have a more loving and positive mind, that have no hate, jealousy or anger energy harboring within, thinking positive thoughts are normally healthier people.

     Let’s talk about what is in the mind exactly, what makes it work, what it does. Within the mind, you have 2 very distinct levels of consciousness or 2 modes of thinking. You have the physical consciousness which you use on a daily basis to decide, think, make choices, what to do, where to go, think things through, etc. Your physical consciousness has what we call a critical factor, also known as the gatekeeper. It is always arguing with you. It can be your worst enemy, feeding you negative thoughts randomly and constantly flooding your mind with past negative events, conversations and worries and fears about the future, etc. if you allow it to do so. It’s really just a choice. You can be in control of the physical consciousness if you choose to be. The brain wave activity as seen on an EEG would be small, rapid lines, going up and down, close together with little fluctuation in the level of energy, like a lot of W’s hooked together. This mode of thinking does not allow new information to come in easily so it’s more difficult to learn or change habits, the more tense and stressed you are. The physical mind has impulses that travel at 120 to 140 mph and you have the ability to process an average of 2,000 bits of information per second.
     Your super-consciousness, does not have a critical factor and will accept whatever you put in it, good or bad. The super-conscious mind or ‘sub-conscious’ never shuts down anymore than the heart does. If you were to have a serious head injury and become quote “unconscious”, it is really only the physical mode of thinking that is unconscious and does not respond but your super-conscious mind will always hear and respond to every word it hears. It was once believed that a person in a comatose state, was “unconscious” and was oblivious to the world around them.  Only the physical state of mind will drift to the point the person is unable to respond physically. They can’t open their eyes or talk but their mind is responding to every word it hears. Every cell of that being, the body will respond to every word it hears, even when they’re in a coma. Telling that person they are getting better and better, repeatedly, everyday will become a reality. This mode of thinking, in an altered state of consciousness, even, and especially while in a comatose state responds to every word you hear, which causes the vitals of the physical body to also respond. When you are in a relaxed state, with your eyes closed, like before you go to sleep, upon awakening from sleep, in meditation, hypnosis or praying, your brain wave activity would show up on the screen of an EEG as large fluctuations of energy to the brain, also known as an altered state of consciousness. An altered state of consciousness is a very natural state and happens automatically within seconds to several minutes, when you close your eyes and relax. When your eyes are closed, after a few seconds to a few minutes, you will access a part of the brain you cannot normally access when your eyes are open.  To see this brain wave activity on an EEG would look like  lines that go up and down but with more space between the lines, more like large U’s and Ƞ’s together flowing slowly, which allow new programming to come in which is why hypnosis is so effective. Impulses travel at over 100,000 mph. The higher consciousness or super conscious mind has the ability to process an average of 4,000,000,000 bits of information per second. So you can clearly see the higher consciousness is where all your power lies.

     The mind is so incredibly powerful, it can and will do miraculous things when commanded to do so. Your goal is to tap into that vast power of your super conscious mind as you command. It starts with the physical mind, repeating something you want to be true or it can be because it is something you want so badly, a strong burning desire to have it no matter what, overcomes all practical thinking. Thinking and talking about it, even if it is only to yourself, frequently, daily, with emotion as if it is already true, will come to be a reality. The more determined you are to achieve it, the faster it works, no matter what.  Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve, no matter what. A belief is a chronic pattern of thought. If you hear something enough times, don’t you start believing it? Hear yourself tell it the way you want it to be only be sure to feel it with emotion as if it is already true. Emotion plays a key role in creating your reality, which is what you’re doing when you start commanding your mind to believe something you presently don’t believe. As you think the thoughts you do, repeating any thought over in your mind at least 3 times, starts to become your reality and you are in a state of self hypnosis. We are all hypnotizing ourselves everyday by the thoughts we think, good or bad, right or wrong. Shouldn’t you be more careful about the thoughts you think or do those thoughts you think flood in uncontrollably, randomly and by default or do you choose to think the thoughts you want to think? It’s just a choice but if you don’t have control over your mind or the thoughts you think, your life is probably far from the life you ever dreamed of having. You  can get control of your mind when you know how.
     There is a web of energy that runs into and through everything here in this world. This web of energy responds to our emotions and thoughts and is directly connected to our mind. This energy within us called the spirit within, the spiritual part of us, the mind, is part of the web of energy that runs through and into everything or also known as Source Energy or God. Depending on who is referring to this energy, depends on what it is called. However, there is only one power in this world and we are all a part of it, call it what you want. This is an energy that is like an ocean of energy that runs through this Universe and makes everything connected in some way or other. We are all a part of it and it is a part of everything here, people, brick, animal, steel, water, everything.

     The physical mind can be controlled of the thoughts you think and should be controlled, unless you want to live by default. It’s just a choice but with some effort, anyone can gain control over their thoughts if they want to and try. You must take inventory of the thoughts you think. Whatever thoughts you think create energy that match the vibrational frequency of your thoughts. The mind literally produces and creates energy when you think thoughts. Thoughts are things! If you think good, right, positive thoughts, you will produce and send out into all of space good and positive energy which will come back to you like millions of little magnets. If you think bad, wrong or negative thoughts, you get back like energy. This is one reason why bad things happen to good people. While they are a good person, do good deeds, go to church, never get into trouble and are well liked, they’re thinking is ‘out of order’. They may be tormented by a past event or something someone said or did that hurt them so deeply and they think a lot of bad, wrong and negative thoughts combined with like emotions and they attract negative things, events, health into their life. Negative thinking is nothing more than a bad habit. Bad habits can be broken with desire and effort. Simply wearing a rubber band on your wrist and snapping it every time you have a negative thought will soon break this bad habit. You can think yourself sick and you can think yourself well. Most people think themselves sick which why we have so many illnesses and diseases.

     There is vast written documentation of testimonies from people all over the world who have applied the strategy of using their mind to achieve something like getting well with nothing less than 100% success. One example I read about was a 34 yr old woman, who had 3 small children. She was shocked to learn her dad died of heart failure at the age of 56. He had a hereditary heart problem. She was exhausted all the time and was told she too could have what her dad did. Results of tests showed she had serious heart problems and could die any time. She saw the results with her own eyes and believed what she saw and heard. She was put on a waiting list to receive a heart from a heart donor. She had also just learned about the Universal Law of Attraction and how powerful the mind can be when you command it to achieve something. She stood looking at herself in the mirror every morning and every evening, placing her hand over her heart, saying to herself, ‘I have a perfectly normal, strong, healthy heart now and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you God for my good, strong healthy heart.’ She did this repeatedly for several minutes, twice a day. She said she felt stupid doing this at first, knowing how bad her heart really was. After about 2 weeks of doing this exercise religiously, she started feeling different when she said it. It made her feel good and she started getting excited about it when she did this. She also noticed she wasn’t as exhausted as usual. After a couple of months, she was feeling pretty good and her excitement was growing as she performed her little exercise. She did it now with real enthusiasm, feeling her vibrational frequency raise and was very happy and feeling energetic and good. The doctor called to announce they had a donor and she would soon have a new heart. She requested to have the tests run again instead, because she believed she was well and had a good strong heart now. They did and she did in fact have a perfectly normal, strong and healthy heart. I read this story from Rhonda Byrnes collection of testimonies of those using the Law of Attraction after she appeared in “The Secret”, you can find on DVD. I read many story how people healed themselves miraculously by applying the Universal Law of Attraction. This is mainly based on using your physical mind to command your Super-Conscious Mind in healing the body.

     Anyone can command their mind to do something they truly want to achieve but know that if it is anything that goes against man, nature or God, it will only go against the person who commanded it. The command should always be for the good of all concerned. The command should always be positive and only positive and said in the present tense as if it has already come to be. The command must be felt with emotion when you think it or say it. This is easy to do when you really want something badly enough. I’ve witnessed people healing themselves right before my very eyes through hypnosis when all common sense would say that couldn’t be. I used hypnosis, a guided meditation to heal my shattered bones in my arm after falling out of tree head first in less than 12 days. My bones were aligned perfectly and strength restored without any surgery. Achieving something through the power of the mind is when we call it a miracle.



How I Healed My Shattered Bones in Less Than 12 Days
     While I was trying to figure out how to convince the non-believers of how powerful the mind really is, I had an unexpected tragedy that convinced many of those that didn’t believe until they saw my evidence.  It all started when I decided to get rid of a small tree from my yard while babysitting my grand kids on a hot Saturday afternoon, May 22, 2010.  I climbed up on the tree from my porch, bouncing up and down on a limb when my feet slipped so fast, they went up and I took a dive to the ground head first, shattering my wrist and arm. Now in excruciating pain, disoriented, falling down several times, while it seemed the world was spinning around me, my arm was very crooked and a bone was sticking out of my elbow. The pain was so horrendous, I wasn’t concerned at all about my arm, it was the stress on my heart I was really worried about. I thought I’d have a heart attack. I told my 3 yr old and 7 yr old grandkids what to do to heal me. I said, “please help me. I’m in trouble. You can help me. Will you help me?”  They both came and knelt down next to me while I lay on the sofa, I said “we are going to play a mind game, do what I say. Do NOT Touch my arm. Lay your hands upon my shoulder and listen to me. Imagine a bright white beam of light coming down from the sky above, from the infinite sky above, the bright white beam of light is coming down through the sky, through the clouds, through the roof above and enters your head now, traveling down through your head into your shoulder, through your arm, out of your hand into my shoulder, traveling down through my arm, healing, cleansing, balancing the energies now, healing every cell of my being.” About 10 to 15 minutes later, I had to stop them as their hands were so hot, it felt as if they were burning my skin, especially my 3 yr old granddaughter. I said, “your hands are so hot, I can’t stand it. I reached up to feel her hands when my 7 yr old grabbed her hands and said “oh, my gawd, her hands are so hot, they’re burning me.” They were really hot. I see the bone has disappeared that was sticking up out of my elbow.  I was more than amazed at both my grandkids and how hot their hands had become in healing and now the elbow was fine. Both of their hands were really hot but the 3 yr old was nearly burning me. The 3 yr old then decided she wanted to watch cartoons and have an ice cream cone and off she ran. The 7 yr followed her wanting the same. They did great! They were so small. I only wished their attention span was not so short but they healed my elbow and the pain was not nearly as bad. The stress was off my heart. Prior to all this, the elbow had a sharp bone sticking up out of it and wouldn't bend, but the elbow was now fine. After hours of experiencing a lot of pain and too weak to do anything, I went to the E.R., where they prepared me for surgery as soon as I got in there, when they saw my arm. After the x-rays were taken, the doctor said they couldn’t help me because my bones were shattered and they couldn't do anything for me. The E.R. doctor referred me to a specialist, an orthopedic surgeon, which would most likely want to do surgery. He explained I it would be at least 3 - 4 months of healing after the surgery. The
E.R. Dr.
said, 'for all the damage that was done, the elbow was fine'. He thought that was strange. They put a cast on my entire arm, from the upper arm, above the elbow to the ends of my fingers and told me to see an Orthopedic surgeon right away. I went home that night and started doing my hypnosis almost around the clock for the next 9 days. It was the same hypnosis audio I had so many others use to heal illnesses, injuries, cancer and health problems of all kinds and they were always healed, no matter what it was as long as they used their hypnosis consistently. This was nothing new, because I’ve healed myself of illnesses and injuries for the past few years but had never had anything this severe before.
I simply listened to two of my own hypnosis audios, "General Healing of
Health Problems with Hypnosis" and "Achieve Perfect and Radiant Health with
Hypnosis", but mostly the General Healing of Health Problems which brings in the white light to heal the body where ever there is a problem. General Healing audio to focusing only on healing the body, on the illness or injury, focusing in detail in bringing in the white light, Source energy or God’s energy to heal. Achieving Perfect… Health is a general overall tune up, clearing out blockages in the energy system and electrical field, forgiving yourself and others,  desiring to eat better and healthier and so on. I use the beam of white light, Source energy, the Universal Light of Life’s Energy or God’s Light or Energy to do the healing as I guide it through the body to heal. I was advised to put that in all my hypnosis by my friend Greta Alexander, a professional Para Psychic, whom I shared an office with in the early 90's.  I have since learned how to use and guide this light to help people heal themselves of anything and everything. You can call it what you want but I refer to this light as the Universal Light of Life's energy in the hypnosis.
     An appointment was made with Orthopedic Specialist, Dr. Mark Greene, whom I saw 9 days later, after being in the E.R.. When Dr. Greene saw me for the first time, he explained how he would insert a metal plate with metal pins and metal screws in my wrist. I said to Dr. Greene, 'do you believe in miracles'? He responded very kindly and quickly, 'yes Cheryl, I
do believe in miracles'. I was so relieved to hear that and asked to have another x-ray done before we talked anymore about doing any surgery and inserting metal stuff in my arm. I was sure I wouldn’t need any surgery which Dr. Greene kindly obliged. After taking a look at the new x-rays, the surgery would not be necessary as I was healing very fast and was almost healed.
     Dr. Greene removed my cast from the E.R. and put on a small, short cast on my wrist
to keep the wrist stabilized until it was completely healed. This was Tuesday morning, 9 days after I’d fallen out of the tree. I left Dr. Greene’s office that morning and stopped by my kids’ office after lunch. While I was there, a retired minister and his wife just happened to stop by this office as well. We talked about the cast on my wrist and what had happened to me. I explained I’d been doing hypnosis but was not completely healed, but ‘almost healed’ and was a little disappointed it was taking me so long. The Reverend told me a couple of stories about people who were healed miraculously after he anointed them in the name of Jesus. So I asked him if he could do that for me and he was so kind and agreed. He pulled his small vile of anointing oil from his pocket right then and there and I knew he was there for a reason. It was no coincidence we were there at the same time. I was desperately looking for a fast healing as I was extremely busy and did not have time to be lying around, healing. What you seek also seeks you. When Dr. Greene told me I was almost healed and his nurse hugged me and said, “we see a lot of miracles”, I know they were thrilled to see such a fast healing but it wasn’t fast enough for me. I was surprised it was taking me so long but then I hadn’t ever had an injury that severe. Still, I needed to get well fast. I had too much going on, too much to do. Rev. anointed me with his oil, saying a prayer and I was so happy he did. I’m not a really emotional person but I was ecstatic I was just anointed and felt really good about it. I expected a miracle and a miracle I got, in more ways than one. I was so happy, knowing there is a greater power that was taking care of me as I would soon be back to work, in 2 weeks from shattering my bones from falling from a tree head first. I headed home and eventually got settled down to relax, to sit on the sofa so I could continue with hypnosis, using the white light, the Universal source of power or God's light, to heal.
I had enough time to listen to my hypnosis cd, “General Healing of Health Problems” 3 times, back to back before I needed to go to bed for the night. It was about 8 pm now and I was tired. I turn on my portable cd player, with ear jacks in my ears, while sitting on the sofa with my right arm lying up on the arm rest of the sofa and my eyes closed. I wasn’t really very relaxed, but still listening to my hypnosis cd, thinking about what I’m saying on the cd to think about. I’m bringing the white light in from the infinite sky above, into my head, thinking about it, then I hear my neighbor drag something down the driveway. I am relaxed so I know I’ve reached an alternate state of consciousness automatically and my power has kicked in but I’m bored with this hypnosis and not into it so much as I have been. I start repeating over and over in my mind, a healer’s name. This is a man that had passed on about 5 years before. He was well known and great healer of all times. I was beckoning him to come and help me. I must have said his name silently in my mind numerous times for 2 to 3 minutes. Then, all of sudden, I thought I had opened my eyes to look around the room as it was as vivid and clear as if my eyes were really open. I thought my eyes were open and I was awake. There sat my old friend, Ed in my living room. Only he was sitting to my right on the other side of the sofa. I said, “hey, Ed, you’re here and you look great! But I had an end table with a lamp on it…there. What happened to my end table with the stuff on it?” Ed gave a slight smile and gestured his hand as if “don’t worry about it, never mind.” Then he said, “what’s going on here? What do you need?”  I explained I needed some help with a healing and fast because I didn’t have time for this. I was so busy. Ed said, “o.k.” and started to wave his hand over my wrist. I said again, “Ed, what happened to my end table with a lamp on it?  You look good. You don’t look old! “ Ed ignored my question. He started moving his hand just above my wrist, with his hand flat, slowly wavering over my wrist. I said, “Thanks Ed” and laid my head back into the sofa to relax while he was working on me. I must have fallen asleep because I woke up about 1a.m. and went to bed. When I got to bed, the cast on my wrist was really annoying me. It was moving all over my wrist, irritating me, so I shoved my left hand into the cast between the cast and the wrist to take up the slack. I’m laying in bed wondering why I am doing this. I jumped up out of bed to go to the kitchen and find something to cut he cast off. I had a meat saw I tried to cut the cast but it wouldn’t cut it. The little cast was like iron. So I went to bed laying there thinking how I could get this cast off. I knew I didn’t need it or want it on anymore. To check it, just to make sure, I grabbed a heavy weight to lift and swing and did without any problem or discomfort. My wrist felt healed and strong, without any pain or discomfort. The healing was complete. Now what? I needed Dr. Greene to get my cast off.
      That morning, Wednesday, the little cast on my wrist was definitely too loose to keep on so I called his office to see about getting it off. A lady answered the phone and I told her the situation. I said this cast he put on my wrist is not working for me. I really want it off. She asked what do mean? I said well it is so loose, I can’t stand it. I tried to take it off myself but I can’t get it off. It’s just not working for me. She said in a loud high tone, “he just put it on yesterday?”. I said, “yeah, I know but it’s just not working for me. I want it off.”  She then informed me, “ well, you will have to see him in out patients tomorrow morning”.  I said, “o.k. then I will do that.” and I did. I sat in a small waiting room to see Dr. Greene. He came in, put his hands on his hips, looked at my wrist while I held it up and shook my arm a little. He said, “I did not put that on there like that” I said, “Well then who did”? I thought that was funny. He wasn’t laughing. He said, “You asked me if I believed in miracles and I do, but this is highly unusual!” Yeah, well, I’m a highly unusual person I was thinking and yet no different than anyone else. I just know how to use my mind. Anyone can do this if they want to but most people don’t even try. Dr. Greene cut the cast off and asked for an x-ray. He just got an x-ray 2 days ago. Is all this radiation good for me? He wanted an x-ray so I went and got one and there were no more casts put on but I was given an arm bracelet for support until I felt comfortable without anything on my arm or hand. I wore it one day and put it away. It was not comfortable. I was back in aerobics class and doing my weight lifting class the next day. All the swelling had left and the bones were aligned and healed. I wore a cast less than 12 days with all my strength back. I now needed to work on stretching and healing the tendons in my hand that had been overly stretched in the fall. My hand was sore, but was still able to use my hand as usual, so I didn’t spend much time on healing the hand. You can go to to see my x-rays. The hospital gave me a copy of the x-rays on a cd.
      I often tell my clients you have the state of the art pharmacy inside you that can heal anything, no matter what it is, injury or illness. All my clients who have used hypnosis to heal injuries and illnesses, including cancer for many years with their own minds, have had 100% success. I recommend listening to the cd at least 3 times in a row, each day until
healed. It can take minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months, depending on the
person, the problem and how often they do the hypnosis. I have witnessed
miraculous healings before my very eyes that have even amazed me. I know how powerful the mind is and most people don't have a clue just how powerful it really is or even care. Those that do realize the mind is incredibly powerful don't know how to utilize it. That's why most people use an average of 2 to 4% of their mind on a daily basis. I teach people how to access another 70-80% of their mental powers on my free live internet radio channel on Blog Talk Radio, called The Power of the Super Conscious Mind. I say anyone can learn this if they want to and do the same. Anyone can do this if they want to and try and it will work even if they don’t think it will. All hypnosis is self hypnosis and everyone is hypnotizing themselves everyday but mostly for all the wrong things.


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